How to configure Firefox to enhance performances & security

This article is freely inspired by the following.

In order to access the internal configuration of Firefox, type about:config in the URL bar of your browser.
As mentioned by Firefox, be careful not to change the settings without knowing the function. This may make your browser unstable.

My configuration in “about:config” page

- geo.enabled = false 
(Deactivate geolocation)
- browser.cache.disk.enable = false 
(Desactivate disk memory cache)
- browser.cache.memory.enable = true 
(by default activate memory cache, enhance Mozilla speed)
- network.http.sendRefererHeader = 0 
(do not send previous referers to the current website)
- network.prefetch-next = false 
(Do not use memory cache)
- privacy.trackingprotection.enabled  =  true 
(Activate tracking protection)
- network.dns.disableIPv6  =  True  
(Enhance connection speed)
- privacy.resistFingerprinting = true 
(Enhance Firefox against Fingerprinting)
- media.navigator.enabled = false 
(Prevent other website to track laptop microphone and camera status)

My add-ons + search engine

I removed everything except:

  • Duckduckgo by default
  • Google to keep result accuracy
  • Qwant to test from time to time

My add-ons are mainly focused on privacy

  • uBlock Origin # ad-blocker
  • HTTPS Everywhere # to force https connection
  • Cookie Autodelete # to remove cookie when I close a tab
  • Privacy badger # to remove trackers
  • NoScript # as security #1 measure but comes with limitations
  • Lightbeam # to visualize 3rd party websites using your data
  • Show my IP # no description needed

This config is continuously evolving.